Sea Day Themed Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Sea Day or 海の日 is a national holiday that is celebrated in Japan on the third Thursday of July. It’s a day where the Japanese people will celebrate their love and appreciation for the oceans and seas. Discover our Sea Day Themed Silver Jewelry Wholesale collection which include all type of sea creatures, shell, sea wave and many more. Create your new collection now.

Every July 20th in Japan is Sea Day. It is a national holiday that is also known as Ocean Day or Marine Day. No matter what you call it, there are different kinds of themed jewelry that celebrate this occasion where the Japanese people appreciate the seas and the oceans surrounding their beautiful country.

If you are a jewelry store owner in Japan or anywhere in the world that sells themed jewelry, you might want to give our ocean-themed jewelry a closer look. Of course, this kind of jewelry can also be worn on a regular basis. If you know customers who love places like the beach, then you should have no trouble selling these pieces of jewelry to them. If you want to supply your store by purchasing ocean-inspired jewelry at wholesale prices, let’s take a look at what’s available for you to order.

Sterling Silver Ocean Jewelry

Most of our sterling silver ocean jewelry is made from high-quality 925 silver. In other words, it’s silver that’s nothing but the best. This is the kind of silver that is quite shiny and will not tarnish for as long as you wear it.

We have a wide variety of sea animal jewelry, including some of our favorites. For example, if you have customers that love turtles, you can sell these Textured Turtle Stud Earrings. These are made with the best sterling silver and will look great for any casual occasion. These might come in handy if you are looking to have a picnic on the beach with family or take a day trip on some beautiful coast.

Another excellent piece of turtle themed jewelry that you might want to order is this Turtle Silver Pendant. Some of the other sea creature jewelry that we have on sale is the Oxidized Silver Seahorse Textured Dangle Hook Earrings. These are perfect when you are heading out for a night on the coastal town during a vacation. Plus, dangle earrings may look good if you are wearing more casual clothes. Who says you have to dress right when you are on vacation?

We offer the best sea life jewelry at wholesale prices. You can order these in bulk and be able to pay a reasonable price for them. Not to mention, you can sell them in your retail store or an online store if you are going the eCommerce route.

We take pride in making the best ocean-themed jewelry that is perfect for not just Sea Day in Japan, but also when summertime is in full swing throughout most of the world.

Silver Ocean Jewelry 

Aside from the sea life themed silver jewelry, we also sell silver ocean jewelry as well. We sell plenty of non-animal jewelry such as the Sand Blasted Sterling Silver Shell Pendant. Another one of our popular choices is the beautiful Sterling Silver Matted Polished Pearl Floral Ring. The design of this is absolutely stunning. And it would be perfect to wear on those casual occasions.

If you love earrings that you want to wear on a casual, everyday basis we suggest that you check out the Sterling Silver Mermaid’s Tail Stud Earrings. These are small in size, but the sterling silver really brings out the best shine. Plus, they’ll last you a long time so long as you take good care of them.

Get The Best Marine Jewelry Now! 

If you are prepping for Sea Day or getting ready for summer, now is your chance to purchase some of the best-made jewelry at wholesale prices. We make the best marine jewelry that is guaranteed to wow your customers.

Plus, you never know what kind of sea creatures your customers will love. They might even have an appreciation for ocean wave jewelry. You’d be surprised by how many people hold a deep appreciation for the love of the seas and oceans. As mentioned before, Japan has an entire day that is dedicated to it.

Our sea life jewelry made from silver is nothing but the real deal. You won’t find these quite like it anywhere else. We take good care of our clients and never sell any fakes, unlike some suppliers. Our jewelry is made direct from our factory in Thailand. Best of all, we are always making different kinds for you to sell each month. 

If you are looking for animals from the ocean jewelry at wholesale prices, why not look to us as your supplier. No matter if you have a fulfillment center for your online store or a small retail space, we’ll ship you the jewelry you order no matter where you are located. Why settle for less than the best? Take a look at our jewelry today and see which pieces of sea life jewelry stand out best for you and your customers.

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