Sea Life Jewelry Wholesale

Welcome to our sea life silver jewelry wholesale collection! Karen Silver Design offers sea life themed silver ring, earrings, pendant and bracelet with stunning designs, varieties of finishing and plating options. Our collection include popular designs such as turtle, starfish, dolphins, crab, seahorse and all kind of shells. Create your new exquisite sea life jewelry collection with us today.

We all have wondered at some point about what really goes on a thousand miles under the sea. The possible mysteries locked in a treasure chest long away in the deep get each of us excited.

After centuries of speculation, our recent zoological and botanical discoveries have opened up new doors of knowledge for us. Now we can enjoy looking at some of the beautiful sea life creatures exploring their seemingly limitless underwater universe.

Some of these discoveries of mother nature make our jaw drop, while some others leave us no option other than admiring them. These marvelous creatures of both flora and fauna groups have kept us mesmerized for years. That is why we can now see their transition into our jewelry industry.

Even though when you think of jewelry, the primary images which stun your mind belong to various gemstones or a shiny frame. It hardly ever represents animal figures or sea flowers.

However, we have decided to explore this fascinating group of beings living underwater or close to the sea in our new sea life jewelry wholesale. So our latest collection features the beauty of these oceanic lives in the form of some exotic sea life themed jewelry pieces.

Bring The Beauty of Sea Life to Your Customers!

Why limit your jewelry collection to just the typical shapes and designs? Give your store a little more “zing” by bringing beautiful representations of oceanic creatures! From crabs to sea corals - we got it all for you in this special collection.

We have added some extra spark to this already delightful stock of marine life jewelry. Some pieces of aquatic species like starfish will appear to your customers with a realistic texture but in the classic element of silver. On the other hand, we have tried to replicate the exotic horn-shaped sea shells with all its glory.

What will you get from this sea life jewelry wholesale Collection?

Sterling Silver Sea Life Earrings

Embrace the beauty of sea life with the adorable sterling silver sea life earrings of this collection. Your customers will get to wear beautiful minuscule tortoises laid in silver. They come with realistic figures where shells are covered in protruding dots. However, they do look much more elegant than regular earrings resembling animals.

A number of fishes also show up in this collection. It includes cute little textured earrings where a fish couple looks into one another while swimming. You will also see dolphins making a splash in the water with smooth polished finishing. Some also appear with a hollow space reminiscing hooks.

If your potential customers are bored with fishes, they can move on to the exquisite sea horses. There is hardly ever a creature as unique as these beings. Our collection offers multiple designs based on this mind-boggling sea life. You can find sea life stud earrings in silver and oxidized shades.

For the quirky customers who are always on the look for something new and different, we have some unmatched earrings! A fine example would be the pair which consists of a nautical anchor and a ship wheel. Both of them appear in oxidized silver shades and complement each other very well.

Besides, there are also chandelier earrings presenting organic structures. Enjoy some intricately detailed floral earrings based on the distinct flowers found under the sea. They will go great with any classic look including monotonous gowns and pantsuits.

Sterling Silver Sea Life Pendants

Just like the earrings, you will get to see a wide range of varieties in our pendants too. Tiny little fishes will appear with scaled texture all over them. Silver color and polished finishing make this design even more appealing.

We celebrate all kinds of shapes and sizes here in sea animal jewelry collection. So you can choose from tiny to large, simple to intricate, silver to golden - all kinds of designs.

There are some exquisite sea life necklace sterling silver pieces holding extremely detailed work. You will find the astonishing figure of an organic clump adorned in gold and silver. This color combination makes the necklace look even more mesmerizing. Pendants like this are also available in black to give the design a gothic makeover.

Find seashells in our pendant collection designed in a realistic way. Their incredible texture paired with the silver material creates an incredible look.

We have also incorporated other popular creatures we see on beaches often, like crabs and starfishes. These sterling silver sea life pendants reach new variations when we add interesting patterns like hollow spots, dots and other textures to them.

Sea Themed Rings

If your customers don’t have enough opportunities to flaunt their earrings and pendants, they can definitely rely on these sea themed rings to make up for it.

Our sea life collection comes with an impressive range of shapes, colors and designs when it comes to rings. The ocean wave ring is the living proof of it.

We bring new life to sea corals by adorning them in silver. They bloom on our polished rings in all their glory. If your customers are looking for an eye-turner, pieces like this are ideal for them.

You will see more flowers blooming in different shades on our rings. Some will come in mind-numbing black, while some will embody glamour in golden. A handful of pieces also come with the gracious inclusion of pearls shining in white and pink. The customers will have the freedom to pick the perfect option according to their event.

We have also managed to recreate larger beings like a lobster on our tiny petite rings! The minute details will be enough for your buyers to impress their loved ones.

Let the beautiful tired starfishes rest on your customers’ fingers through our slim and sleek rings. They can be textured like in real life or smooth and polished. Sometimes, only the tail of a whale will be enough to add elegance to their couture look.

Sterling Silver Sea Life Bracelet

Compared to other sections of our collection, the bracelets bring in the most versatile shade range. They bring in sleek silver designs with chains and impressive charms.

You may see a little polished dolphin playing by these bracelets, or a tiny snail trying to make it to the other end. A tortoise may pay a visit too taking as much time as it needs.

Along with the traditional silver color, these sea life bracelets are available in two other classic shades. You can purchase them in gold plated and pink gold shades to add more variation.

For the customers who prefer everything in darker colors, we also have some gothic bracelets in our sea life jewelry. They are painted in black and brown. You will get to see a small shell surrounded by skillfully crafted string knots - known as macrame.

All of these bracelets are adjustable in size. You can fit them on your customers’ hands using the open-end charming lock.

Sterling Silver Sea Life Charm

For the creative spirits, we have a collection of charming ocean themed jewelry silver beads resembling many intriguing sea life creatures. Some of our most popular choices in this regard have been laughing comical fishes, jumping dolphins, smiling fishes and turtles.They are available in textured or highly polished surfaces. You will find them in silver, oxidized and black shades. 

The best part of this sea life jewelry silver collection is they all come at very reasonable price points. So you will definitely be making a profit off it. Besides, you can save even more by purchasing them in bulk.

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