Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings Wholesale

Sterling silver huggie earrings are one of the classic designs that you can choose to sell in your jewelry store. It’s popular jewelry choice as whether it’s for casual wear or a dressy occasion, there is no wrong time for girl to wear these sterling silver huggie earrings. We offer sterling silver huggie earrings at best wholesale price direct from our factory. Discover the collection now!

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If you are looking for earrings that are stylish and can be worn by women either during the day or during a dressy gathering, these sterling silver huggie earrings are guaranteed to please. If you own a jewelry store, purchasing sterling silver huggie earrings at wholesale prices might just be one of your best business decisions to date. If your customer base is mostly women, then you’ll probably know what they are looking for as far as jewelry goes. We have a wide variety of huggie earrings made from silver and also come in various colors, giving your customers more options. Let’s discover and buy huggies wholesale with us now.

Huggie Hoop Earrings

One of our favorite designs that we enjoy making available at wholesale prices is our sterling silver huggie hoop earrings. We have plenty of options including our silver huggie hoop earrings and our small huggie hoop earrings. If you want a much larger size or thick huggie earrings, then our wide huggie hoop earrings are guaranteed to please your customers.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings

What if your customers want a little glitz and glamour in their earrings? Consider it done. Because we have available our 925 sterling silver round cz cubic zirconia huggie hoop earrings. We think these are definitely the earrings your customers can wear for those formal occasions like dinners, weddings, parties, and more. Imagine the glitz and shine bouncing off the earrings when she walks into the room. And if that shine catches someone’s eye, she’ll notice.

You can get these cz huggie earrings in different shapes and designs like the sterling silver cz huggie earrings if you want something a little more casual, but nothing too dressy. You’d be quite happy to deliver high-quality earrings to your customers that are guaranteed to make them look their best.

Basket Weave Huggie Hoop Earrings

One of our new designs is the basket weave. We love the texture and the design that makes these look like small baskets. These are available in colors like sterling silver. However, more of our customers have been purchasing the rose gold huggie earrings in this design (and a few others with the exact same color). But it’s always a good idea to have a bit of variety. Whether it’s silver huggie earrings or a different color, your customers might not have a personal preference. But some will. Once you purchase our wholesale huggie hoop earrings, you might be selling them fast. Especially when it comes time for certain occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.

Silver Huggie Earrings

Of course, silver is one of our favorite materials when it comes to jewelry. And we take pride in making the best huggie earrings silver that come in different designs. If you are looking to sell something of a high-end type of huggie earrings, then you’re going to love our Posh Thick Huggie Hoop Earrings that are guaranteed to give your customers the look of feeling like they are royalty. Especially with an exquisite design. We also have the Chunky Horseshoe U-Hoop Huggie Earrings that will look great for casual wear. Especially when it’s a day of casual dress and not so much formal. Think about your customer going out to lunch with a few of her girlfriends. She wants to look her best but wants to keep it casual at the same time. Those earrings are perfect for those occasions. And they might make great conversation pieces as well. She’ll boast about where she got them -- and it might be your online store that she’s talking about. Imagine the pride she’ll take in these earrings. If you love our line of silver huggie hoop earrings, you got to buy a supply for yourself and see how your customers respond to them.

Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings Today

As a manufacturer of factory direct jewelry, we work with clients around the world to deliver nothing but the best wholesale silver jewelry. We have everything you need for your customers. All you have to do is order them at prices that are affordable and sell them at a markup price that your customers will be happy with. These sterling silver huggie earrings don’t come cheap on today’s market. So now is a good time for you to purchase our wholesale sterling silver huggie earrings and see how they’ll do in your store. You’ll be very happy with the customer responses of how they look and how it complements their style.

These huggie earrings are one of the many designs that we have available through our factory. If you are looking to stock up on earrings that will be given to someone as a gift or bought for the purpose of upgrading their style, purchase our wholesale huggie earrings today. You can purchase a small quantity or a large amount -- it’s up to you.

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