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Our solid gold jewelry at wholesale prices is a must-not miss kind of deal. We offer a large collection of high quality 9K, 14K and 18K solid gold jewelry at factory direct price for jewelry resellers and retailers. Genuine gold jewelry guarantee with stock ready to ship Easy buy with low minimum. Create your fine jewelry solid gold collection with us today! Shop now.

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If you are a jewelry store owner and a current client, you might want to hear this. We now have solid gold jewelry in our catalog. If you are looking for the best pieces at a valuable price, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll show you what we’ve got in our collection shortly. We’ll briefly go into reasons why you want to consider gold jewelry as part of your inventory. It’s always a good idea to consider mixing things up.

Yes, we’re known for sterling silver jewelry. But we want to expand the options for you and other jewelry store owners. Let’s get started and show you what we’ve got.

What makes solid gold jewelry great?

As one of the wholesale solid gold jewelry distributors in the world, we have so many reasons as to why it’s great. For example, it’s the kind of jewelry that will last a long time.

Plus, it’s also very durable. Whether it’s 14k solid gold jewelry or 18k solid gold jewelry, we’ll make sure that you get the best you can find. One may be more valuable than the other.

And yes, one may be more durable than the other (with 14k being the most durable). It’s always a good idea to know which ones will be the best options. Of course, your best answers lie in the best source possible - your market.

You might have regular customers who are looking for the perfect jewelry piece. They may be looking for a solid gold ring or even a real gold necklace. Whatever they’re looking for, you want to make sure you have it on hand.

Gold is also versatile. It can be designed in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While we’re able to sell these beautiful jewelry pieces, we’ll provide you with some of the best eye-catching designs you can find. We might design some of our own here in the future.

Overall, gold jewelry is timeless and classic. It never goes out of style and you can pass it on to another generation. It’s important that you take the best care of them as much as possible.

Make sure you clean and maintain your gold jewelry on a regular basis. They might discolor or tarnish if you don’t care for them properly. Take care of them and they will last.

Now that you know what makes solid gold jewelry great, let's keep going and show you what we’ll be offering for you.

Solid Gold Rings

If you are looking for solid gold rings, we’ve got them. Whether it’s for wedding bands or an anniversary gift, we’ll make sure we’ve got one that fits just right. It’s always a great idea to order gold rings made from gold that is long lasting and worth every penny.

Some of our golden rings will include diamonds for that extra beauty. With or without diamonds, we’ll make sure your customers get a 14k solid gold ring or a 18k solid gold ring that will fit your customers best. You’d be hard-pressed to find something this exquisite elsewhere on the market.

Solid Gold Earrings

Up next, we have our solid gold earrings. There are many pieces of jewelry that can make quite a statement. And these are no exceptions.

Whether you’re looking for 14k solid gold earrings or 18k solid gold earrings, we’ve got you covered. What type do we have? You can choose between solid gold hoop earrings and solid gold stud earrings.

What makes earrings an excellent choice? One of their main attributes is versatility. You can wear a certain type of earrings that goes great with your attire of choice.

You can wear stud earrings with casual clothes. Or if you dress professionally at the office, they can be acceptable as well. Some earrings may be appropriate for other wardrobes such as dangle earrings.

You might think to yourself “what kind of earrings do my customers like”? If you have regular conversations with them, you just might have the answer. When you order these and other real solid gold jewelry, we’ll send them to where you need them to go.

You might own a jewelry kiosk in Canada or run an online store with a fulfillment center in the UK. Either way, order these pieces of solid gold fine jewelry and we’ll make sure they reach your directed destination.

Solid Gold Necklaces

Now, we turn our attention to solid gold necklaces. We are planning a collection where you can get just plain gold necklaces or with diamonds and other gems. Either way, they are a thing of beauty.

We have solid gold necklaces at wholesale prices and the options might be great for you. You can sign up for a free wholesaler account and check them out for yourself. You might find a few different designs that might be something your customers will appreciate.

You’ll find these necklaces to be quite the option for customers who want to buy them as gifts or for themselves. Either way, you won’t be in short supply when you order them from us. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to buy these necklaces made with real gold.

After all, we promise real gold jewelry at wholesale prices. No fake (or fool’s gold) here. We want to sell you the best at affordable prices so you can sell them to your customers.

It’s no secret that your customers appreciate gold jewelry as much as the next one. We have 18k solid gold jewelry at wholesale prices. And yes, we have 14k solid gold jewelry at wholesale prices as well.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. There’s one more piece of jewelry we’ve got left to talk about. So let’s keep it going.

Solid Gold Pendants

If you are looking for something like necklaces but smaller, these solid gold pendants are the best. You can find these with different charm shapes and sizes. It’s always a good idea to find something that will be the perfect gift or to wear for yourself.

It’s always a great idea to consider pendants if you want something minimalistic. They may not speak louder than some pieces of jewelry. But they can certainly be an opportunity to express yourself in a certain way.

Love animals? You might find a pendant that has the shape of your favorite animal. Or you might find one with your birthstone.

Either way, you’re bound to find a gold pendant that is made from real gold. Why wouldn’t you want one for yourself? Better yet, why shouldn’t your best customers get one for themselves?

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for jewelry pieces that really look their best, these solid gold pieces will be perfect. Now is your chance to order them from a wholesale solid gold jewelry supplies from supplier that you can trust. For the past 30 years, we have made our customers around the world happy.

We have no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you are a new client, check us out today. Our catalog of silver and gold jewelry is just waiting to be looked through. Before you know it, your next inventory may include some of the best solid gold jewelry you can find.

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