Threader Earrings Wholesale

Thread earrings have quickly become popular, particularly with the younger market. If you need to stock your store with uniquely designed pieces of jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Our threader earrings wholesale will give you plenty of items to stock and sell. Check out all that we have to offer and create threader earrings collection with us today.

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Your clients are going to love the unique and beautiful creations we have available. Our ear threads are timeless, sophisticated, and versatile all at the same time. We have an impressive number of styles, all with their own unique details, from which you can choose. Your clients are going to love what we have to offer. 

What will you find in our Threader Earrings Wholesale?

You will find a vast variety of thread earrings within our wholesale. Threader earrings silver seem to be the biggest trend and we have plenty on hand for you.


Our designs are made from beautiful sterling silver. We have long thread earrings, chain threader earrings, and threader drop earrings just to name a few styles. Stock all the different styles we have to offer, and you’re sure to please your customers and boost your sales.

Sterling Threader Earrings

We have plenty of options available when it comes to threader earrings silver. You might hear us refer to them as silver ear threads or thread through earrings. With so many names, it’s no wonder we offer so many unique designs.


Our sterling silver designs are as varied as the names used to represent ear thread earrings.

Long Thread Earrings

We have plenty of long thread earrings available in our wholesale ear threaders stock. For example, our sterling silver threader purple amethyst dangle earrings are a beautiful design with eye-catching purple offering just the right amount of movement.


We offer a similar design in our silver threader dangle earrings with glimmering black gemstone clusters. These are a beautiful design that catches the light perfectly and are dainty enough to match any ensemble. Your clients will love the versatility of these earrings. They are sure to be a top-seller for you.


Ear Threads Wholesale

We have several other options that are also sure to wow your customers. We have something to please everyone. For example, anyone who enjoys nature is going to love our oxidized dragonfly antique silver earring. The design is intricate with beautiful detailing in a gorgeous 9.75 silver design.


Our collection of chain threader earrings will wow your customers, both new and old. We have our beautiful Delicate Silver Threader Chain Ball Earrings that are simple in design but still grab your attention. Our Teardrop Lure Sterling Silver Threader Earrings are another option but these are incredibly delicate, and eye-catching with their unique teardrop design.

Ear Threaders Sterling Silver

Not all of our options are long. We have just about everything for you to offer your clients.  Our simple designs are delicate enough to go with every outfit or to be worn everyday. Examples include our Sterling Silver Simple Openwork Hoops Threader Fashion Earrings, Sterling Silver Minimalist Openwork Circle Threader Fashion Earrings, and our Openwork Silver Star Silhouette Threader Style Dangle Earrings.


These are dainty and versatile, matching everything. For your customers looking for a beautiful earring that is simple enough for everyday wear, they will find it one of these designs.

Threader Drop Earrings

We have plenty of options when it comes to threader drop earrings. Our Delicate Open Bloom 3D Silver Threader Drop Earrings are just one design sure to please your customers. This set is beautiful in its design, with a simple blossoming flower that will match any ensemble effortlessly.


Other options include our Triple Silver Teardrop Charms Dangle Threader Hook Earrings and our Sterling Silver Long U Scoop Silver Threader Brushed Drop Earrings. Both have a timeless, elegant look that your more sophisticated customers will adore.

Sterling Silver Threader Earrings

Our beautiful selection of sterling silver threader earrings is sure to catch your customers’ attention. From our chain threader earrings to our threader drop options, there is something for everyone. Stock our supply and your customers will love what you have to offer.


We offer eye-catching, attention-grabbing options while also providing you with sophisticated, timeless choices. Your customers will have a hard time choosing just one pair. So, stock them all and make more sales.

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