Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry Wholesale

The Karen tribe is one of the oldest hill tribes in southeast Asia. Even today, they continue to live their lives in rural Thailand where they live what could be described as the simple life. But what they are best known for is their handmade jewelry made from purest silver in the world. Discover and create your new collection with our Thai Karen Hill Tribe wholesale silver jewelry now!

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The Karen Tribe of Northern Thailand holds a special place for silver. It has long been said that the members of the tribe believed that silver held some kind of healing power. It’s part of the reason why we have used real silver in our jewelry so we supply the best quality jewelry to our clients so they can sell them to their loyal customers.

If you are looking to sell Hill Tribe Silver jewelry, you have come to the right place. We offer plenty of jewelry that is available at wholesale prices. Once you place your order, we can ship them to you no matter where you are in the world.

Before we showcase the wholesale handmade jewelry, we’ll talk about the history of the Karen Tribe and why they place such a special place in their hearts for silver. Karen jewelry might not be a familiar name to most of your customers. By the time you learn about the story of the Hill Tribes, you might want to order as many pieces of handmade jewelry from Thailand at wholesale prices.

Who are the Karen Tribe?

Back in the 12th century, hill tribes had been prominent throughout Southeast Asia. They were mostly present within current day Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). There were twenty different tribes that had lived in the area.

The Karen Tribe was known to be the largest of the bunch. Almost a thousand years later, there are already seven million people who belong to the Karen tribe as of today. As many as half a million Karen tribe members reside in the hills of Thailand and Burma. 

The tribes live in remote villages that are far away from the cities. They also live in houses that are high off the ground thanks to the use of bamboo stilts. The tribe lives a simple life with little possessions and cooks their food the old fashioned way (over an open fire).

Though many members of the Karen Tribe speak in their own native language, they also speak Thai as well. They are considered to be “farmers of the forest” since they tend to grow their own produce and food for their own consumption.

Why is Karen Hill Tribe Silver Special?

Karen Hill Tribe Silver is considered to be the purest kind of silver. The purity ranges anywhere between 95.5 to 99 percent. This has a high silver content compared to sterling silver. It’s a kind of silver that is lightweight and possesses a bright, satin-like shade.

Karen Jewelry also has that special touch since it’s handmade. One of the tools that most of the jewelry makers use is a hammer. They also use tools to engrave markings on the jewelry as well.

Most of what they engrave on their jewelry are tribal symbols. The hammered engraving is further proof that even when it doesn’t look perfect, it’s handmade rather than using some fancy engraving machine. When it comes to Karen Hill Silver jewelry, perfection is not something they worry too much about.

One of the great things about Karen Thai silver is that it’s very difficult to tarnish. The purer the silver, the less likely that tarnishing will occur. However, it’s much softer compared to such types as sterling silver.

If you are looking for hill tribe jewelry that will be pleasing to the eyes of your customers, you might find that Karen hill silver will be the best type to look for in your jewelry. The better it looks, the more likely you can sell it to your customers looking for nothing but the best.

Hill Tribe Silver Earrings

We have plenty of Hill Tribe Silver Earrings that your customers will love to wear for those casual or even special occasions. Some of our top picks include the Textured Oxidized Button Drop Earrings and the Textured Oxidized Silver Flower Design Drop Hook Earrings. No matter what designs you choose for your store, you are getting earrings that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Why wouldn’t they last a lifetime when they are made from silver that is hard to tarnish? The purer the silver, the longer they will last. These are the best silver earrings that are so valuable, you’d wonder why you’d ever want to put a price on them.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver Rings

If you are looking for rings that are made from nothing but the purest silver, these Karen Hill Tribe Silver rings might be exactly what you want to sell to your customers. Whether it’s for the purpose of wearing a ring as part of a fashion statement or the perfect gift for any wedding or anniversary, these rings will look perfect on your customer.

Just a couple of our favorite Karen Hill Tribe Silver Rings is the Handmade Silver Feminine Elegance Flower Ring, which is perfect for the woman who loves floral pattern jewelry. Another excellent choice that your customers might choose is the Handmade Silver Floral Delight Fashion Ring.

If you are looking for rings that will truly make the best gifts, these rings should be included in your next bulk order.

Tribal Pendants At Wholesale Prices

We have a wide selection of Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pendants. These are the kinds of jewelry that your customers can wear if they are looking for something with a bit of subtlety. Whether they are looking for a casual piece of jewelry or something that is appropriate for professional settings, these pendants will look great on any woman no matter what she wears.

One of our best sellers is the Handmade Chain with Circle Charm and Stunning Drop Pendant. At seven inches in length, it’s the perfect pendant that is made from the best kind of silver in the world. It also comes with its set of hand-carved charms that make this pendant very special.

Hill Tribe Necklace

If your customers love necklaces, then you might find these hill tribe necklaces to be a very attractive choice. These are Karen silver necklaces that are made with tribal jewels that will make it all the more eye-catching for your customers. Whether it’s for those dress-up formal events or a night on the town where you are allowed to show off the shiniest of jewelry, it’s necklaces like these that are an excellent choice.

Wholesale Handmade Bracelets

With bracelets being one of our most popular sellers, we cannot forget about the amount of wholesale handmade bracelets that are currently on sale. We have a dozen different choices for you to choose from. Each of these comes with their unique charms.

Some of our best choices include the Thai Hand Made Silver Bracelet With Double Square Charm or the Thai Hand Made with Triple Puffy Square Charms. It’s hard to choose with so many options. But you still have plenty of time to make your choices. We’ll still be here making them and selling them at wholesale prices that you can afford compared to other suppliers.

Hill Tribe Silver Findings

If you are looking for the perfect charms for handmade jewelry, these Hill Tribe Silver Findings will be a perfect choice. You can use these if you hand create your own jewelry. No one customer can say no to jewelry that is custom made exactly for them. We have plenty of these silver findings in different designs like the lobster claw or silver hooks.

These hill tribe silver findings are available along with their 925 silver counterparts. Whether you go for Karen silver from Thailand or our real deal sterling silver, you still get jewelry made from the best silver in the world. Why get jewelry that claims to be silver but is actually fake to begin with?

Hill Tribe Silver Charms

Most of our Hill Tribe Silver Charms have hand-carved tribal symbols that are hammered in. These are great for crafting custom made jewelry if your store sells that option. They are charms that are perfect for custom made bracelets, necklaces, and pendants.

You can get these charms in different shapes and designs. Either way, it adds a nice touch to whatever piece of jewelry that you want to make for your customers, whatever they request.

Handmade Silver Brooches

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will look glitzy and glamorous, look no further than our line of handmade silver brooches. These are perfect for formal occasions since they tend to be small, but very shiny. Plus, they are handmade with tribal jewels to bring out that extra shine when fused together with the pure silver.

Handmade Silver Anklets

If your customers like bracelets, they might be interested in handmade silver anklets. These pieces of jewelry are perfect for days when you want to wear summer clothes and relax. Anklets may be hardly noticeable, but your customers can show them off in such a subtle way. Or, the most observant person can ask about it and boom...a conversation has started about your customer’s favorite jewelry.

Hill Tribe Silver Beads 

If you are looking for Thailand silver beads at wholesale prices, then you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of these that will yet again add another layer of creativity for your custom-made jewelry. Of course, you can order Thai hill tribe silver jewelry at wholesale prices made by us. Or you can order these beads and handcraft them in your own creative way.

Purchase Karen Silver From Thailand Now

If you are looking for the best silver jewelry in the world, you can look for it in one of the lesser-known places. You’d be surprised what you can find in the remote hills of Thailand. One of them of course is handmade Karen silver jewelry that you might find anywhere around the world. But we supply the best of the best.

We are one of the only suppliers in the world that sells Karen hill tribe silver at wholesale prices. If you have an eCommerce store or a retail space anywhere in the world and you want more jewelry, all you need to do is place your order when you’re ready. But our hill tribe silver jewelry is so good, our orders are filling fast. Don’t wait any longer. Just make your choices and order now.

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