Karen Hill Tribe Silver Earrings Wholesale

Karen Hill Tribe is the largest and oldest living tribe in a remote area of Thailand. One thing they are known for is creating purest (97.5%) silver jewelry by hand. Karen silver earring are unique as designs are inspired by natures, believes and cultures of the Tribe. Discover our precious Karen Hill Tribe silver earring collection which we have available for you at best wholesale price now.

The Karen Hill Tribe is one of the largest and oldest tribes in Thailand. They hold silver in the highest regard. And they also make jewelry by hand complete with exquisite designs.

Now, we are able to get our hands on plenty of hill tribe silver earrings that you can buy from us. We sell these at wholesale prices to our clients who sell jewelry both online and in a retail setting. If you are looking for jewelry that might just be your next bestseller, consider taking a look at our set of earrings made from the purest silver you can find in the world. 

Once you take a look at the designs of these handmade earrings, you will want to order most of the different designs we have for your customers. In fact, we’ve been seeing these sell more than our sterling silver jewelry. Read more to find out why our handmade silver earrings are all the rage.

Handmade Silver Wire Earrings

If you are looking for a pair of earrings that will definitely wow your customers, we have handmade silver wire earrings. One of our favorite wire earrings that you might like include our Oxidized Starfish Antique Silver Earrings. If you have customers that love the sea and the oceans, these might be a nice pick to go with.

These wire earrings are perfect for those dressy occasions. That’s because they are a bit dangly compared to some other earrings like stud earrings. They can be a bit shiny and glitzy.

Your customers can’t wait to show off these earrings at the next opportunity. We won’t blame them if they do. That’s because the silver that the hill tribe uses for their handmade jewelry is 97.5 percent silver.  

That’s the purest silver that you can find anywhere in the world. It will also last much longer than any other kind of silver. This type of silver is almost impossible to tarnish.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver Earrings 

We have plenty of handmade earrings at wholesale price that you can choose from our collection. Some of our favorites include our Textured Oxizied Button Drop Earrings and our Oxidized Silver Violet Inspired Dangle Earrings. These are just some of the wholesale handmade jewelry that we sell to our clients around the world.

If you are looking for a supplier that will ship you jewelry made from silver, then we’ll be more than happy to take you on. We know that you might be tired of suppliers hassling you with high wholesale prices and minimum orders. Where else can you find the best Karen hill tribe silver jewelry on the market?

What are you waiting for? Order our Thai Hill Tribe Silver At Wholesale Prices now

If you are looking for Karen hill tribe earrings or any of our jewelry made from the purest silver in the world, we are here to help. We are always taking on new clients and look forward to helping you get more sales in the process. We supply you with handmade jewelry from Thailand at wholesale prices. 

Not only do we make hill tribe earrings for your store, but we make plenty of other jewelry made from the same silver for others like necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and more. All of the Karen hill tribe silver jewelry that we sell are handmade by the Karen Hill Tribe. 

This tribe has made silver jewelry by hand using primitive tools and still do to this day. They are the largest and oldest tribe located in remote Thailand. Though the live a simple life, they take pride in their work.

We are proud to supply you with this handmade jewelry made by the hill tribe so you can sell it in your stores. Once your customers find out about how pure the silver is, they’ll want to know if you have anything else with this kind of silver. It’s shiny, long-lasting, and perhaps one of the most precious types of silver in the world.

We don’t believe in selling you fake silver. We sell you the best and nothing but the best. 

Why wait any longer? If you are ready to order our Karen silver earrings or any of our other Thai Hill Tribe silver jewelry, feel free to check us out and select the jewelry you want now.

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