Wholesale Price

As we always believe in making wholesale silver jewelry buying an affordable investment to all size of business,  whether you are startup thinking of establishing small jewelry shop, or a large company looking for quality jewelry supplier, we serve all needs ! 


For your order to be eligible for our business price, we require you to meet our wholesale condition. 


• Minimum order at 300 US$ per purchase


For any account register from today until 30 April 2018, you will receive


• First order Minimum at 199US$

• Second and subsequent minimum order at 99 US$ 

Register and open wholesale trade account today Click

Karen Silver Design will only supplies silver jewelry at wholesale price to reseller and retailer only. 


High-Volume Order

As a manufacturer,  we are trusted by many biggest fashion jewelry retailers, chain stores, Accessory Brands and distributors to be their silver jewellery supplier.  Thank to the fact that we are able to manufacture the jewelry in house and achieve best price for High-Volume Order.  


If you are looking for manufacturer who can produce high  capacity order with best price point in Thailand,  please contact our Executive Sale Team directly for further  discussion. 


Contact:  Kampanat Shrestha

Email:  s.kampanat@karensilverdesign.com 

Tel: +66 86 885 6013 

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