Bali Silver Ring Wholesale

Bali jewelry is one of the popular 925 sterling silver jewelry collections that every jewelry store should have. Their finishing and unique designs which are inspired by culture are fascinating. Our Bali 925 sterling silver rings at wholesale prices come in various designs for you to choose. Check out the exotic look of these rings. They are so exquisite that your customer will love them!

If you are looking for a new kind of ring for your inventory, we might have something you’ll love to have. Our Bali ring is part of our wholesale balinese jewelry collection. If you check out our catalog, you’ll notice some of the other jewelry pieces as well.

You might start ordering the entire collection if you want to. But, if you want to test drive and see if it sells well, this kind of ring will be a good sample piece to sell. While you’re at it, you can check out our other sterling silver ring at wholesale prices.

We are committed to helping you find the right pieces of jewelry for your customers. If you want to know more about our wholesale sterling silver bali rings, keep reading. Let’s get right to it.

What designs do we have?

Our sterling silver bali rings come in different designs inspired by the island of Bali. You’ll love what we got including the Sterling Silver Footprint Dome Ring, the Oxidized Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring, and the Oxidized Silver Dome Bubble Texture Disc Ring among others. 

We have dozens of these bali silver rings for you to choose from. Choose which designs you find are eye-catching and we’ll send them your way. We send your order to you no matter where you are in the world. 

You could be in the United Kingdom running a small kiosk. Or you could be running a store entirely online with all your shipments coming from the United States. Either way, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Our bali silver rings at wholesale prices are hard to beat against our competitors. What gives us the special edge is that we sell the real deal.

If you are looking for a supplier that you can be happy with for the long run, give us a try. Your customers might love the exotic look of these bali style sterling silver rings. And they might love them so much that you’ll want to order more of them. 

These balinese silver rings may be great gifts for someone that loves the islands. Or it might be for someone who is proud of their Balinese heritage. Either way, these rings are designed by hand and will be the perfect ring for someone that notices.

What makes these Bali Design Rings special?

So what makes these bali design rings special? It’s the exotic designs that make them stand out. We have so many different eye-catching designs, you may be amazed with the different types of tribal and cultural representations with every one.

Another is that they last long as the other sterling silver rings in our catalog. As long as you take good care of them after you’ve worn them, they will last you a long time. And they can be passed down from one generation to the next.

If you have customers that want to buy jewelry pieces as a family heirloom, you can suggest these balinese silver rings. These rings are so beautiful and special they can be worn by one member of the family and passed down to the next generation when the time comes.

These sterling silver bali design rings will be passed down from one generation to another. And it will be a special gift to that member of the family, especially if they are of Balinese heritage. There is no gift quite like passing down a piece of jewelry that will stay in the family.

Before we move on, we want to remind you that if you are new to our site and want to join our list of clients, you can sign up for a free wholesaler account. You can sign up and access our wholesale prices and our catalog. 

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Order our Bali ring jewelry now!

If you are a jewelry store owner, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that will sell you the best bali rings at wholesale prices. Check out our catalog today and we’ll make sure we’ll offer you the best designs.

Order through us and we’ll send them your way in the quickest time possible. Before you know it, you’ll have a special sale for all your jewelry pieces, be it an ‘End of Summer’ sale or something else. Don’t wait - order our balinese jewelry pieces today and we’ll make sure your customers are happy.

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