Bali Silver Jewelry Wholesale Collection

Bali silver jewelry wholesale collection is one of the unique jewelry lines that we have to offer customers. Only few places in the world possess the power to enchant people with their art of making jewelry. That’s why, with its unique production technique, Bali jewelry distinguish itself from the rest. Discover this fascinating art of Bali silver jewelry and have them in your collection today!

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The end goal of jewelry retailers and distributors is to charm the customers with amazing and unique pieces of jewelry from around the world. Buying Bali jewelry wholesale can open new ways for your business if you make the right decision at the right time.

Only a few places in the world possess the power to enchant people with their art. Bali is certainly one of them. For thousands of years, the beauty of Bali silver jewelry was hidden from the outside world. But when they came to light, they took the world by surprise.

If you are a jewelry distributor or retailer, this content is definitely for you. You can harness the opportunity to enchant your customer by buying Bali jewelry wholesale from Karen Silver Design. We sell Bali jewelry wholesale so you can mesmerize your customers with the presence of these elegant pieces of arts.

The History of Bali Jewelry

The development of Bali jewelry dates back as far as 500 BC. There are numerous stories that have enriched the myth of Bali silver jewelry. Among them, the realistic ones suggest that the art of silver jewelry came to Bali from southeast Asian cultures.

The development of Bali jewelry reached its finest state after the Majapahit empire arose. The Javanese craftsmen came to live in Bali and the true form of Bali silver jewelry was unleashed. The Celuk village is the heart of jewelry craftsmanship and the people have turned themselves into expert jewelry artisans.

The Techniques

It’s the techniques that distinguish Bali jewelry from the rest of the world. These techniques have been derived from thousands of years of evolution and mastery. The masters of Celuk village effortlessly combine these techniques and Bali jewelry wholesale from Karen Silver Design showcases them perfectly.

There are two major techniques that go into making Bali silver jewelry. They are:

1.  Filigree

2.  Granulation

3.  Jawan

Filigree: A very complex soldering technique that allows threads and beads of metal to cultivate a design. You and your customers will notice very intricate swirls and vines that represent natural forces like waves and wind. It’s possible with the help of Filigree method.

Granulation: Granules or metal spheres are soldered onto the surface of jewelry to create the design. These granules are created by melting thin strips of metal and molding them accordingly.

Jawan: Jawan is an ancient technique to solder precious metal on the surface of the jewelry to create unique and meaningful patterns. This technique requires a certain level of mastery and it made this jewelry extremely exclusive.

Bali Earrings Wholesale

The first choice of jewelry for most people is earrings. So, if your customers are looking for something sweet, you can definitely suggest the Bali earrings to them. The best thing is that you can buy Bali earrings wholesale from us, Karen Silver Design.

As for designs, there are different types of intricate and beautiful Bali earrings for you to choose from. There are earrings made by combining Jawan and Filigree techniques to imitate natural objects such as wind or waves.

Besides natural elements, you will find very complex and sophisticated designs like butterflies, turtles, flowers, starfish, and so on. All these designs derive directly from their Balinese ancestry. Even designs like teardrops are also available in Bali silver earrings wholesale.

Again, there are Bali small hoops earrings that address a different type of audience. It is always better to have all types of designs in stock which you can buy this Bali hoop earrings wholesale with us so you can reach the maximum amount of people. People who don’t like to show off complex designs, they can easily opt for the Bali small hoop earrings from Karen Silver Design that also contain very fine granules.

All these earrings are made from 925 sterling silver. The specialty of this silver is that it is very lightweight and very comfortable for everyday use. Your customers can get these Bali silver earrings without any doubt for themselves or their loved ones.

Bali Silver Rings

Rings have been the sign of love for the longest time. From weddings to forming an eternal bond, rings blend in with every situation. And if the rings are Bali silver rings, the joy becomes tremendous. Your customers can enjoy the embedded beauty of these Bali jewelry if you buy them wholesale.

If you look at the designs of the Bali silver rings, you’ll notice very complex patterns. The technique used to develop the rings vary from time to time. Rings are the perfect jewelry to show the craftsmanship when it comes to Bali silver rings.

A lot of Bali jewelry manufacturers will offer you deals on Bali silver rings wholesale. But as a retailer, you’ll be buying those in wholesale. It is your duty to know what to look for in Bali silver jewelry and how to be safe from fraudulent suppliers.

As for Karen Silver Design, we source our Bali silver jewelry from the best artisans Bali so that you can buy Bali jewelry wholesale.

Bali Silver Pendants

Pendants and lockets have been sustaining their appeal from the very beginning of their invention. They often look simple but they contain significant meanings. For the Bali silver pendants, they contain thousands of years of history and the ancient art of jewelry making.

If you are looking to stack up on pendants, why not invest in Bali silver pendants wholesale? You’ll be saving a lot of money and get a new inventory to show off to your customers. These pendants are also made using the granulation, filigree and jawan techniques.

Any retailers or distributors who are looking to buy Bali jewelry wholesale should definitely check out Bali silver pendants. They are made with the same 925 sterling silver so they offer the same amount of mobility.

Things to Look for Before Buying Bali Jewelry Wholesale

We sell amazing Bali jewelry wholesale but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to check them. No matter who you're buying Bali silver jewelry from, you should always check for a few things before confirming the order.

·         Alloy Standard: Best Bali silver jewelry will always be marked. In our case, it will be 925 sterling silver.

·         Close inspection: Look at the piece of jewelry closely. There are the number of fake jewelry has risen as well. So, look closely. Real Bali silver jewelry will contain a very complex and fine finishing, which will be absent in the fake ones.

·         The source: Contributing to the survival of the local Bali communities is very important. Make sure the supplier properly sourced the jewelry from the artisans and that the artisans received the price they deserve.

·         The story: This is more likely an artistic one on your side. Not everything is about money. Every individual piece has its own story and journey of evolution. Take your time to appreciate the artisan and their mastery.

The Best Bali Jewelry Wholesale from Karen Silver Design 

Karen Silver Design is your one-stop solution when it comes to wholesale jewelry. We specialize in all kinds of jewelry like earrings, pendants, rings, etc. We offer a great opportunity for you to stack up on the stock and surprise your customers with a new array of products by purchasing wholesale silver jewelry bali with us!

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