Karen Hill Tribe Silver Ring Wholesale

Karen Hill Tribe silver is among the purest kind of silver in the world. This kind of silver is so difficult to tarnish that it can last generations. It might even hold more value than sterling silver. At Karen Silver Design, we sell Karen Hill Tribe Silver Rings that are uniquely handmade at best wholesale price. Discover our large Karen Hill Tribe Silver Ring and create your new collection with us now.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver Rings

If you are looking for rings that are made from the purest silver in the world, you’re in the right place. Plus, they can be the best sellers in your jewelry store if your customers show interest. Once you find out how pure this silver is compared to sterling silver, you might think that it’s a no-brainer to choose one type of silver over the other.

If you already sell rings like crazy at your store, it should be a sign that you should supply more so your customers are happy. Just wait until you see these handmade silver rings that we’ll provide for you (and ship to you no matter where you are in the world).

Want to know more about the Karen rings that we offer? Read on so you can check out our wide variety of options that you can order and pay wholesale prices that are second to none. You’d be surprised by the high-quality of these rings once they reach your store.

Hill Tribe Silver Rings

We offer plenty of Hill Tribe Silver Rings that are perfect for so many occasions. It can be great for a gift that your special someone deserves. Our rings come in so many different designs, it might be hard for your customers to choose from.

Some of our favorites that we love are the Handmade Silver Floral Delight Fashion Ring and the Handmade Silver Oxidized Detailed Flower Blossom Ring. If you know a customer that has a love for flowers, there are plenty of rings that include different floral patterns.

These are just some of the samples of unique handmade silver rings that you can purchase at prices that you might think are crazy (as in crazy affordable). Not too cheap, not too expensive, but reasonable enough for you to pay each time you are ready to re-order more.

A hill tribe ring might just be the best gift idea for those who are looking for high-quality jewelry. It’s a ring they can give to a spouse or a member of their family. But what makes these rings so special?

You have to look no further than a remote area of Thailand. There were tribes that have formed in Thailand and were known for something unique. The Karen Hill Tribe, the largest and oldest tribe in this remote region of the country, is known for handcrafting jewelry.

Plus, they hold silver in the highest regard. Even some members of the tribe believe that silver is known to have healing powers. Plus, the silver they use is the purest in the world.

While sterling silver is made of 92.5 percent silver, Karen Hill Tribe Silver contains 97.5 percent of the same precious metal. Did we mention that it’s high in purity? And they are longer-lasting compared to their sterling silver counterparts.

Why settle for anything less than the best? Your customers will be quite impressed with the quality of Karen Hill Silver. You’d be hard-pressed to find jewelry that is this beautiful anywhere else.

Don’t wait...get wholesale hill tribe silver rings now!

Now is the time to consider your options on what to supply in your jewelry stores. If you are looking for a reliable supplier that you can partner with for the long-term, then why not check us out? We take pride in manufacturing and selling Hill Tribe Silver Wholesale Rings right in our factory in Thailand.

We don’t make just handmade silver rings. We make plenty of Karen hill tribe silver jewelry that you’ll love to display in your stores. Your customers will be happy with the shine it has and its purity.

Your customers will be even happier known that this kind of silver is long-lasting, easy to clean, and difficult to tarnish. We believe in making jewelry that lasts generations. Make sure that when you are selling jewelry like these unique handmade silver rings, let them know about the longevity factor.

The last thing your customers need is to purchase jewelry that can tarnish and go bad in a few years. That’s because it’s made from metals that are not pure or high in quality. If you are interested in selling these Karen Hill Tribe Silver rings, be sure to check out our catalog and order when you’re ready.

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