Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Buying wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry direct from manufacturer has never been easier. Karen Silver Design offers high quality 925 sterling silver jewelry at best wholesale price to retailers and resellers like you. Our silver jewelry are easy to import and sell in Europe, America and all other countries as they are made with highest production standard in our factory in Thailand. Shop now!

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Sterling silver is among one of the more popular types of silver that can be made into jewelry. We have a wide variety that you can choose from so you are able to sell them through your online store at prices that your customers will be very happy with. Not to mention, you save them a lot of frustration and pain from having to spend a lot of money at their local jewelry store. Quality matters most, which is why we are proud to offer you our factory direct wholesale silver jewelry collection. Whether it’s earrings, rings, pendants, or necklaces we got them all included in our wholesale 925 jewelry product line. And you’d be disappointed to miss out on the great deals that we have and the wholesale prices that go along with it.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Earrings

Earrings are a must for every online jewelry store. Especially when you are selling your supply like crazy. If you are looking for the best quality, our wholesale sterling silver earrings are exactly what you’re looking for. Our clients have purchased these in bulk so many times and they always sell out in a matter of a month. We could not be happier with our clients and their happy customers. We have 925 sterling silver earrings at wholesale prices so affordable, you’d kick yourself if you decided not to buy them through us. We have plenty of these earrings for sale that you can pick and choose from. Plus, with the different designs, you can choose the ones your customers will resonate with the most. The best successful jewelry stores are often the ones that listen to their market and deliver high-quality wholesale sterling silver jewelry. You sell it at the price you want and they will be satisfied with their purchase.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

Our 925 sterling silver rings wholesale collection are among the most popular sellers for our clients. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, weddings, and anniversaries a lot of our rings are being sold in bulk. They include wholesale sterling silver rings with stones. Our wholesale gemstone rings include different types like cubic zirconia. For guys, we have wholesale sterling rings that are perfect for wedding bands or just for the purpose of everyday fashion.

Sterling Silver Pendants Wholesale

We have a wide variety of sterling silver pendants at wholesale prices. These are perfect for someone looking for jewelry that they can wear everyday or when they are out and about looking their best. We also have 925 sterling silver pendants at wholesale prices if your store wants a bit of variety when it comes to silver jewelry. Our pendants come in different shapes and designs that your customers will love. But the problem is, they might have a hard time choosing. But that’s the beauty of variety. And we wouldn’t want it any other way for our clients. If you are a jewelry store owner that wants to give your customers plenty of options, these sterling silver pendants at wholesale prices are a good place to start.

Sterling Silver Bracelets Wholesale

Yes, we do have regular sterling silver bracelets at wholesale prices as well. We have plenty of bracelet choices that include different types of charms. And we love every design that we have crafted right in our factory. Our wholesale silver 925 jewelry made in Thailand is nothing like you’ve seen before. It’s in excellent quality and can be sold at affordable prices. Our clients know when to deliver the goods when it comes to the best deals on sterling silver bracelets.One of our favorite sterling silver bracelets that are on sale is the Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Inspired Openwork Bracelet. This is the perfect bracelet for someone who loves to go to the beach. And that’s where you’ll find those interesting creatures known as sand dollars. We also have different shapes and charm designs that your customers might appreciate.

Silver Ear Cuffs Wholesale

Our silver ear cuffs are perfect for our customers that want to ear something that’s the closest to earrings but with less of the dangle. We have all the silver ear cuffs at wholesale prices so you can purchase them in bulk and have them fulfilled and stock in a matter of time. Once you have them all in stock, you’ll be ready to sell as many as you like. Especially when you have a special sale going on on all ear cuffs, necklaces, earrings, or whatever you might have in your store. One of our best sellers is our Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs with cubic zirconia. They are glitzy, glamorous, and bring out that shine that women love in their jewelry. They love it when people notice their ear cuffs. Cubic zirconia is the closest that you can get to a gemstone that shines the brightest. If you are looking to sell something stylish, why not try and sell these silver ear cuffs in your store? Get a good deal going on this new addition in your store and see how your customers will respond.

Sterling Silver Bangle Wholesale

A lot of our clients have been selling bangles for years. Could you be one of the newest clients to jump in on the action? We have sterling silver bangles at wholesale prices that you can sell right from your store. These are a type of bracelet that users can wear during the day or during a night on the town. Either way, it’s their call. One of our favorites is our Luxe Stackable Sterling Silver Bangle. It’s about an inch thick and it a perfect fit for someone who is looking for the perfect bracelet that looks good on them no matter what they wear. Another one of the bangles that we like has the most interesting design. Our Golden Teak Collection Sterling Silver Bangles give that classy touch for the woman who appreciates a nice-looking bangle for her wardrobe. We personally think it’s more for dressier occasions than a casual day at the office. 

Bangles are great for your female customers looking for a more fashionable bracelet. And they actually make excellent gifts during the holidays and special occasions. If you have a jewelry store that typically sells to customers who are women, then you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to sell sterling silver bangles at wholesale prices.

Sterling Silver Anklets Wholesale

Our sterling silver anklets at wholesale prices are definitely worth the deal of a lifetime. Especially when you are looking to sell jewelry that will make every dress or casual dress moment look classy. We have plenty of anklets that are made with our high-quality sterling silver. If your customers are women who like to dress up and go out or want a nice touch to heir formal wardrobe, then you might want to consider giving them the best quality they can find in sterling silver anklets.  

Most of our anklets come in different designs and include various charms. One of those is the Silver Sun Anklet. Some of our anklets have different materials like nylon. But underneath, it’s made from the finest sterling silver we can find. These anklets are perfect for our customers not just for formal events, but casual wear in the summertime when they are wearing shorts, sundresses, or something with a mix of dress and casual.

These sterling silver anklets at wholesale prices present you with an opportunity to sell these at the best prices when everyone is about ready to get dressed for warmer weather.

Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale

If you are looking to buy a lot of jewelry, why not purchase them from one of the best wholesale sterling silver jewelry distributors like Karen Silver Design? We have plenty in stock including plain silver jewelry at wholesale prices for all of your decorative needs. It’s never been easier to sell through your online store and you now have a reliable supplier to help you stock up and sell more. Jewelry is always on demand and we are more than happy to serve our clients around the world. Whether it’s 925 silver at wholesale prices or sterling silver, it’s all up to you 

Give your customers as many options as possible when it comes to finding that perfect gift for that special someone or the jewelry that reflects their personality. No one knows your market better than you. To order your jewelry supply, contact us today.

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