Sterling Silver Pearl Ring Wholesale

If you are looking for rings that are an absolute thing of beauty, look no further than pearl rings. Our sterling silver pearl rings at wholesale prices are exquisite and perfect for almost any occasion. Your customers are probably after that one ring that will be an excellent addition to their jewelry collection. Will you be the one that delivers it to them?

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If you are looking for the perfect wholesale pearl rings, you’re in the right place. We have plenty of different types in our catalog. When you look through it, you might have a hard time choosing the best ones. Not to worry, we have some suggestions that we’ll mention to get you started.

The important thing to remember is that your customers may know what they want in terms of pearl rings. Whether it’s a pearl ring for women or a pearl ring of gold, there’s something out there that they are looking for. The question is: will it be you that shows them the way to a perfect pearl ring?

Let’s take a look at the pearl rings that we have in store for you:

Silver Pearl Ring

If there is one thing that we are known for, it is creating sterling silver jewelry in all kinds of different designs. A silver pearl ring just might be what your customers are looking for. Especially if you are looking for something like the Sterling Silver Mistletoe Freshwater Pearl Ring.

If you are looking for fresh water pearl rings at wholesale prices, you can find them right here. We sell rings like these to our clients new and recurring on a regular basis. We also ship them to places all over the world.

Whether you own a retail jewelry store in Australia or an online store with fulfillment centers in the United States, we have you covered. You can make arrangements on how you want them sent and pay shipping costs that are reasonable.

Our fresh water pearl rings made from sterling silver are fast becoming best sellers. So you better get your hands on them while you still can. The question you’re probably asking is: is this a real pearl ring?

The answer is yes. You may want to sell the real deal to your customers and we have plenty of that. But we have more rings to look through, so keep reading to see what else we’ve got.

Faux Pearl Ring

Even though we have the real pearl rings on hand, we also have faux pearl rings as well. These faux pearls look real, but they are not real. But they give off that exquisite look that will provide a touch of class with every ensemble you wear.

One of our best faux pearl rings is the Lovely Pearl and Flower Sterling Silver Ring. These may rival our natural pearl silver rings in terms of looks or even price. But they might just stand out no matter the style.

Plus, one or the other would make for excellent gifts or even wedding rings. There’s a reason why someone may be looking for a ring. It can be for ‘happily ever after’, an anniversary, or just because. A 925 silver ring with pearl will stand out and catch someone’s eye and they will see it as something they have to get for that special person in their life.

Pearl Flower Ring

We have plenty of different designs of pearl flower rings to choose from. This includes the Sterling Silver Matte Polished Pearl Floral Ring and our Sterling Silver Pearl Flower Twist Ring.

These floral designs are some of the tens of thousands of designs that we have created over the years. And we may have plenty of more of them as we release more than a thousand designs throughout the course of the year. Floral designs give off that classy look that will look elegant even on a warm summer day.

Celebrate the spring or summer with a pearl flower ring that will look great on your customers. Or if it’s the holiday season, the Sterling Silver Mistletoe Freshwater Pearl Ring might just be a good option as well.

Pink Pearl Silver Ring

One of our unique pearl rings is our pink pearl silver rings. This includes the Sterling Silver Squared Sand Blasted and Polished Pearl Ring and the Sterling Silver Pearl Circle Ring. The pink shade on the pearl gives it that unique look.

If you are looking to sell something that’s unique, you have a great opportunity to order rings like these for your store.

So Many Pearl Ring Choices…What Will You Choose?

Whether it’s a pearl stackable ring, a sterling silver black pearl ring, or anything else, we have what you need for pearl rings. We have plenty of designs for you to choose from that are fitting for almost any customer and that special person in their lives.

If they have a daughter or granddaughter, consider suggesting something like a dainty pearl ring. If it’s a wedding anniversary, a pearl ring silver band might just be what you need. We have plenty of sterling silver rings with pearls for you to choose from.

Our 925 pearl ring is one of our best sellers, so you don’t want to miss out. If you are a new client, you may want to consider opening up a new wholesale account with us. That way, you can purchase sterling silver pearl rings at wholesale prices.

Your first order will be approximately $199 to start followed by subsequent orders priced at $99, which is a steal of a deal when you want to order plenty of jewelry for your store. Don’t wait any longer than you have to. Order pearl rings from our catalog now so you can sell them to your customers that are just dying to get one.   

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